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No Bride Or Groom, And The Marriage Is Legal?


Only in Montana (really – it’s the only state that allows it.) A couple can get married without either of them attending! It’s called a double-proxy wedding. Per Montana Code Section 40-1-301:

If a party to a marriage is unable to be present at the solemnization, he may authorize in writing a third person to act as his proxy. If the person solemnizing the marriage is satisfied that the absent party is unable to be present and has consented to the marriage, he may solemnize the marriage by proxy.

Only one problem with the law – folks from around the world are using it. Because of language issues, it takes the court clerks quite a spell to do the paperwork. So, a bill has been introduced requiring one of these folks to make the trip to Montana. (“Do you, proxy, take this man/woman to be that-person-who-is-paying-you’s husband/wife?” “Yes, he/she does.” “You may now #%@*#! the bride/groom.” It’s unclear, as of this writing, exactly what the legal limits are on the proxy’s interaction with the bride/groom, post-solemnization.) Maybe Borat shoud have hit a double-proxy wedding in Montana on his way to meet Pamela?

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