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Motion For A Skin Change Operaton To White (But Not A Nose Job Like Jacko)

Mr. Washington’s “Motion for Reconsideration” (click hereto see the document) reads as follows:

A while back I filed a Motion for the American People to Kiss My Ass Also Skin Change Operation to White. It’s all right to be white. I think it’s cool and groovie. But I think I erred with my Motion for a Skin Color Change Operation because that would cost too much money and that would be a waste of taxpayers money. I move this court for a complex change like Michael Jackson; his skin is pretty and white but I decline on the nose job Jacko has; because he really messed up but he is pretty and white. I think it’s alright to be white and I move this court on the same.

And the court’s ruling?

Plaintiff’s motion has no relation to the closed case and is completely frivolous, as it requests the Court for a procedure to change his complexion. Plaintiff’s motion is DENIED.

The case is Washington v. Alaimo, et al., CV695-104 (S.D. Ga. 2003).