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Mopping Naked?


There’s probably a perfectly logical explanation for this man’s behavior. Or not. As reported by The Gainesville Sun:

A man wearing a long sleeved shirt and nothing else while carrying a mop and bucket Wednesday was arrested for exposing himself.

The man told police he was trying to water plants and check the electrical meters.

Now it all makes sense?

Witnesses called the Gainesville Police Department after they spotted the man walking around outside his apartment building without his pants but with the mop and bucket.

One witness told police that the man began to chase her and her 11-year-old child, and then told the woman, “If you can get the mop to work right, I will cook you a steak dinner.”

Following his arrest for indecent exposure, the man told Officer Christopher King that in addition to watering plants, he had been checking electrical meters for himself and his neighbors.

Say what? Here’s the source.