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Mercy! Police Officer Goes To Transvestite Money-For-Sex Party, Worries About His Machismo

A California (you were thinking Idaho?) patrolman attended a transvestite party where he paid an entrance fee of between $50-$100 with the expectation of receiving sexual gratification. Damned if he wasn’t getting his money’s worth – participating in sexual acts – when the police raided the party and caught him in the act!

When the party was raided, what do you think happened to Patrolman Warren?

While the party’s other participants were busted, Warren walked after he disclosed his status as a patrolman.

Warren later admitted to his superior officer that he knew he paid for sex, but adamantly denied that he knew his sexual partner was in fact a man.

Apparently he thought that paying for sex wasn’t the problem, but that the only problem was that the sex was with a man. Mercy! He later admitted that the patrol force was a “macho” environment.

What caused this behavior? A psychiatrist attributed it to marital problems.

What do you think happened to Patrolman Warren after he disclosed his actions? Obviously he was charged, right?

Nope, though he was dismissed from the squad for bringing it into disrespect. The Court of Appeals upheld this punishment.

The case is Warren v. State Personnel Bd., 94 Cal. App. 3d 95 (Ct. App. 1979)

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