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Maynard, Maynard, Maynard. You Know You Can’t Go Hitting A Police Officer In The Face!

Angry_judge2.gifEven if you are a judge. And even if he is your friend. Judge Maynard Hamilton, Jr. of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was not real happy when Sergeant Buser did not give him the paperwork he requested. A couple days later, they were at a party, when Sergeant Buser asked the Judge if he had received a check he dropped off for a golfing trip. Here’s what happened, according to court documents (as reported by Brett Lovelace of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal)

“Yes,” but when Buser approached to shake hands, Hamilton said, “I have had enough of your (expletive). I am not going to take any more. Let’s go downstairs and take care of this man to man. I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Buser followed Hamilton, but he said he wanted to talk, not fight.

Hamilton demanded Buser remove his glasses and butted his chest against the sergeant’s.

Before Buser could remove his glasses, Hamilton punched him in the face, knocking off the glasses. Buser picked up his glasses and told Hamilton he would have to pay to replace them. When Buser threatened to call police, Hamilton said, “This was a mutual fight, and it would not do any good to call the cops.”

Hamilton then punched Buser again in the head.

Buser was knocked to the ground, and Hamilton walked away.

Hamilton returned to the party and told Buser’s wife she could “go pick your piece of (expletive) husband up off the floor.”

Are you surprised his nickname is “Maximum Maynard?” (I made that up.) So what do you think happened to the Judge?
You thought he would get off? Nope. He was suspended without pay for nine months, and put on a probation for a year. So it’ll cost him about $55,000, though, incredibly, it did not cost him a friend. The Judge and the Sergeant just went on a golfing trip, with another trip in the works.