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Lawsuit Over One Penny?


That’s what Bob Nicks was threatened with by the Performing Rights Society (PRS), which collects royalties for musicians – a lawsuit for one penny. Per the Evening Chronicle:

The not-for-profit organisation says any boss who plays music to their workers or customers through a radio at work needs a licence.

Just one problem. Mr. Nicks “says he has neither a radio nor any employees at his business, Power Tools Services, on Front Street, Dipton, County Durham…” So maybe the lawyers for the Performing Rights Society shouldn’t have sent Mr. Nicks a letter with the following language:

You may consider this debt as too small to warrant legal proceedings. However, we are firmly instructed to commence proceedings for recovery unless payment is made within seven days.

In the event of a judgement being obtained we shall seek all fixed costs and fees together with statutory interest.

The sum currently owed by yourself is relatively small and we would reasonably advise you to settle this issue forthwith without further expense and cost to yourself.

Not to worry. Things did end well for Mr. Nicks.

A PRS spokeswoman said: “PRS has reviewed the situation with Bob Nicks. Regrettably we made a mistake and we will be contacting Bob directly to apologise.

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