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Judge, That’s My State (And Sea)


As a personal injury lawyer, I cringe when I hear the term “frivolous lawsuit” because it’s used by the insurance industry (and other corporations) to create the false impression that lawyers are filing scads of bogus lawsuits, crowding the court dockets, and somehow getting rich as a result!? The term is used (with much success) to create an environment that prevents victims from obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Well, I think this one qualifies. Rajaram Kripashankar Srivastava has filed a claim stating that he owns the Indian state of Maharashtra (which I just learned is home to 96+ million people, and covers 119,000 square miles) and the Arabian Sea (big, very big). Seems that, on their way out, the Brits transfered the rights to Maharashtra and the Arabian Sea to his mother. Indian authorities are investigating the claim.

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