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Judge Pops His Sister?


That’s the allegation against Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Jim Gunter, and the evidence is pretty damn damning. As reported in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette,

Gunter’s sister, Janet Gibson, 62, of Dade City, Fla., told a Hempstead County sheriff’s deputy that her brother had back-handed her and pushed her down during a dispute at the home of their 88-year-old father, J. H. Gunter in Hope.

According to an incident report by Hempstead County Deputy Jerry Crider, Gibson suffered “minor injury.” She told the deputy that her brother had brought some genealogy papers to their father’s home on Aug. 31, and that she was supposed to look at the papers in preparation for a Sept. 2 family reunion in Hope.

Seems that Justice Gunter was ticked at his sister for “bothering his stuff.” Sister Janet said it is “a private matter.” Maybe she’ll administer a sharp kick to his cojones “in private.” On the public front, a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the case.