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Judge Biddle, Rhymes With ….

You can probably guess where this one is going. Judge Biddle, of Douglas County, Colorado, and prosecutor Laurie Steinman admitted that they had sex in the courthouse, on multiple occasions, in multiple places. Though the affair was apparently the subject of courthouse gossip, it only appeared on the official radar when Judge Biddle’s fourth wife reported it to the Chief Judge. (Honestly, when you marry the “Larry King” of the courts, could this surprise you? Yes, apparently it can. “I’m shocked and thoroughly disgusted,” said wife #4, after reading the complaint.) Per the allegations set forth in the Complaint filed with the Colorado Supreme Court:

The relationship began last spring, with Biddle offering to mentor [!] Steinman in his chambers over morning cups of coffee.

Both admit they had sex a number of times in . . . Judge Biddle’s judicial chamber during the summer of 2006 [including on July 4th @!*^&#!]

On a number of occasions, Judge Biddle would ‘sneak’ into the women’s shower facility in the courthouse early in the morning to shower with Ms. Steinman.

Steinman prosecuted 2 cases before Judge Biddle without disclosing their relationship.

And the remainder of the diddle fallout?

[Thanks to Cindy Hill for steering Legal Juice to this story.]

Judge Biddle resigned. A few days later, Ms. Steinman was fired. The disciplinary hearing before Supreme Court Judge William Lucero has not yet transpired.

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