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If You Like To Cut Your Grass In The Nude …


So you say you like to cut your grass in the nude. Hmmm. Then what were you doing, topless, walking down the road? As reported by the Rock Hill Herald [North Carolina]:

Angela Jonas [age 50] … told officers she likes to cut her grass in the nude, a York County sheriff’s report says.

One neighbor complained in the report that Jonas has walked down the road topless several times before. Police tried several times to speak with Jonas when they first arrived, around 7:30 p.m., asking repeatedly why she was walking down the street “naked from the waist up.” She could not give a clear answer, officers said in the report.

She was charged with indecent exposure and remained in jail Wednesday morning on $1,000 bond.

Really? You’re gonna keep her locked up for that? Uncool.

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