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Husband And Wife Despise Each Other. New York Jury Won’t Let Them Divorce!

This feels like an “only in New York” story. The Taubs hate each other. (Simon Taub built a wall dividing their townhouse in 2 to keep them apart.) Two years ago, Chana Taub filed for divorce, alleging that Simon subjected her to cruel and inhuman treatment. (Does it surprise you that Simon is described as a “millionaire sweater mogul?”) She asked that a jury decide the case, thinking that they would give her a better shake than a judge. BIG MISTAKE, Chana. The 10-day trial – which included allegations that Simon attacked her with a telephone and a treadmill [?!], and testimony from all four kids against Simon – just ended.

Simon won! The judge dismissed the case. (New York does not have a “no-fault” divorce law, resulting in cases just like the Taubs, who now must remain married.)

On the very night of the jury’s decision, Chana tried to serve Simon with a protective order. She claims that, when she was trying to do so, Simon punched her in the eye. Not to be outdone, the day after the divorce case was dismissed, Simon went to court to get an order of protection against Chana! Oh, and they each think that the other is going to murder them. I can tell you 2 people who will make sure that won’t happen – their divorce lawyers, who are getting mighty fat from this case!

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