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How Many Obscene Phone Calls Do You Have To Make To Get 2 1/2 Years In Jail?

prank%20call.jpg In England, in Paul Kavanagh’s case, 15,000! He’s been at it since 1995. On one day in February of this year, he made 65 calls! After all these years, how did they catch a guy who used unregistered cell phones? He gave the police a huge clue when he told one of his victims that he “liked the way [her] hair is today.” And, as reported in the Sunday Metro, he often called a gym that he had a clear view of from his home. Why did he get 2 1/2 years? Said the Judge:

It seems to me to simply have been the case that the defendant was taking drink and cocaine and making these calls for the purposes of sexual gratification and I must say to my mind for the purposes of cruelty.

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