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This’ll Make The Prosecutor’s Job Pretty Easy


If you want to be sure you’ll be caught and convicted, just commit the crime in a courtroom, in front of the judge. As reported by y100.com:

A Broward woman is hospitalized with a broken nose and broken bones in her cheek after she’s allegedly attacked by her husband in divorce court on Friday.

28-year-old Paul Gonzalez of Fort Lauderdale walked out of the hearing, then returned and started punching 23 year old Catherine Ann Scott-Gonzalez, 23, in front of the judge and lawyers.

That’s a lot of anger right there. And even after the attack …

BSO [Broward Sheriff’s Office] says Gonzalez refused to put his hands out to be cuffed so they tasered the ex-Marine – twice.

He’s charged with felony battery, domestic violence and resisting arrest .

Here’s the source.