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Group Banned Because Of Their Name?


Holy Shit! No, actually, the name of the Canadian band is “Holy Fuck.” The band, featured on this month’s cover of the magazine “Exclaim,” was told by the venue Coachella that their gig was canceled because of their name.

Funny thing though. Holy Fuck played there before! And remember, Canada has much more relaxed laws and attitudes about “bad words” than the U.S. The Toronto band Fucked Up performed live on MTV Canada, although they were introduced as “Effed Up.” According to the MTV Live producer, you can’t even say “effed” on MTV in the U.S. Some other groups making the rounds: Total Fucking Destruction (their CD is available in Wal-Mart, really), Fucked Up, Fuck the Facts, Fuck, and Fucking Wrath.

In response to an Associated Press poll which found that 67 percent of the respondents were bothered “a lot” by hearing swear words, Fucking Wrath drummer John Cerar replied:

“Who cares? We’re a metal band. If someone has a problem with it, fuck it.”

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