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God And Indiana


Things are crazy in the Hoosier state, where Ms. Liz Ferris got the vanity plate “BE GODS” nine years ago. Because she let the renewal lapse, she had to reapply. Her application was rejected! Why? Per The Indy Channel:

“We do not permit personalized license plates with references to deity,” said BMV [Bureau of Motor Vehicles] spokesman Dennis Rosebrough.

Well, somebody might want to explain to Ms. Ferris (who filed suit after her renewal was rejected) how this makes any sense since the STATE OF INDIANA is issuing license plates that read …In God We Trust! Yup, and the Indiana Court of Appeals just ruled that the plates are constitutional.

“Er, hello, is Ms. Ferris home? Uh, ma’am, we’ve reconsidered your renewal application, and you can go ahead and get your “BE GODS” license plates again. How can we do that with our new “no deity” rule? Well, we’ll just grandfather you in ’cause you had it before the rule. Everybody okay?” Nope.

Ferris said she intends to move forward with the lawsuit in hopes the policy will be changed.

“You can develop a system that can monitor and … be fair to all parties and yet still allow reference to deity,” Ferris said.

Ferris said she isn’t seeking monetary damages from the BMV.

You can read more about Ms. Ferris and her case here, and about the “In God We Trust” case here.

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