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Girlfriend Invokes “Lorena Bobbit,” Boyfriend Seeks Protective Order

OUCH! is a very mild reaction to the words “Lorena Bobbit.” (If you’re too young to know who she is, click here.) Things were not going well for our featured couple. As the court described it:

Terry Bach and Carol Crawford were in a relationship for over ten years and lived together for a period of time. In December of 1999, Mr. Bach claims that Ms. Crawford mentioned Lorena Bobbitt to him, which he interpreted as threatening, and shortly thereafter, he decided to break up.

This would appear to have been a wise move. …

Ms. Crawford also placed cut up pictures of Mr. Bach in a box of belongings he was supposed to pick up…Additionally, Ms. Crawford called Mr. Bach’s mother and stopped by her residence, often asking about the new women in Mr. Bach’s life…. Also, in the spring of 2000, Ms. Crawford was arrested for criminal trespassing on mr. Bach’s property and convicted. As a result of the conviction, Ms. Crawford’s brother hired a private investigator, Ms. Thacker… Ms. Thacker and Ms. Crawford appeared at a restaurant where Mr. Bach was eating and photographed him with another woman and the woman’s vehicle… Mr. Bach also alleges that Ms. Crawford drove behind him … and videotaped him… Also, in December of 2000, Mr. Bach found a man in the parking lot of a Sears store who was videotaping him. Mr. Bach approached him and took the videotape from the man, but he was unable to get the man’s name or license plate number. Mr. Bach has no evidence connecting this incident to Ms. Crawford [Yeah, probably just a coincidence!!!!!]

Setting aside the Lorena Bobbit threat (and the cut-up pictures – I see a theme evolving), of the few women I broke up with before they beat me to it (I can count them on one finger), I think I would be flattered if someone was so obsessed with me. Well, Mr. Bach was not flattered. He sought a domestic violence protective order. Do you think he got it?

Nope. The court found that his actions, after the threat, did not demonstrate a fear of Ms. Crawford. When Mr. Bach tried to address the court, the judge cut him off. [Bad pun. Post over.] Click here to read the full opinion.