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Fat, Drunk And Stupid …

If you don’t recognize the title of the post, go watch “Animal House.” Now. Since you’ve seen the movie, or at least the clip, The Juice can tell you that Dorfman has nothing on these two. As reported by the Volusia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office:

Volusia County Sheriffs investigators have put the brakes on a two-man vandalism spree believed to be responsible for damage to nearly two dozen vehicles in the DeLand area over the past month. The two people arrested this week by investigators — 20-year-old Keith Dekoeyer and 21-year-old Christopher Jackson — said they were drunk during their escapades, acted out of boredom and for the most part hit vehicles at random.

And things were going just fine (for them, anyway), until they got really stupid.

But mad at his boss over some workplace issues, Jackson told Dekoeyer one night to drive to his boss’ apartment complex on Ayesbury Circle. Once there, Jackson got out and slashed all four tires on his boss’ truck and then the two fled the area. The very next night, they drove by the apartment complex again and saw that the victim had replaced his tires. Jackson thought it would be funny to slash the new tires, so he did. But after Jackson started bragging to co-workers, word got back to the victim, who contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

Shades of the wet bandits.

On Wednesday, Investigator Amy Smith confronted Dekoeyer with the evidence — including the fact that a Jeep Wrangler had been spotted fleeing from a couple of the crime scenes — and he confessed to his role. At the same time, Sheriff’s investigators who had Jackson under surveillance spotted him driving down the road and pulled him over as he drove into the Winn-Dixie in DeLand to report to work. Jackson was arrested Wednesday for driving on a suspended license. During questioning, Jackson initially denied being involved with the vandalisms, but later confessed to Investigator Smith. He was arrested Wednesday for driving with a suspended license and taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach. After bonding out, Jackson was re-arrested on Thursday and taken back to jail on a felony charge of criminal mischief connected to the first incident on April 23 involving his boss. Dekoeyer also was arrested on Thursday and charged with being a principle to criminal mischief.