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“Etc.” Dress Code?

green%20hair%202.jpgOkay, so I hate dress codes. I especially hate vague dress codes. How are students supposed to know if they are complying with “etc?” The folks who drafted the new dress code for Neosho High School (in Missouri) might want to take another look at this thang. Here are a few “specific examples of articles that are inappropriate for all students:”

Clothing and/or appearance that disrupts the educational process or poses a threat to the safety of others (chains, sharp objects, excessive jewelry, cut gloves, etc.

Unnatural hair color (fuchsia, green, blue etc.) is not acceptable.

Hey school board, you call these “specific?” And how the hell is one supposed to know when jewelry is “excessive?” I guess when the principal says so. Oh, and it’s okay to change your hair color, as long as you change it to something “natural,” and not to “etc.” mannequin.jpg

EDUCATE, PEOPLE. School board, do you honestly think this is going to change anything? Address the underlying problem, not the appearance!!! Aaaargh.

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