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Dude Sues For His Penthouse


The magazine, that is, not the dwelling. Unfortunately for Jorge Niebla, his current dwelling is a prison cell. And he’s having a real hard time getting his Penthouse subscription. So, feeling aggrieved, and having plenty of time on his hands, he sued. Per the New York Post:

A Florida prison inmate is suing the nudie magazine because it refused to send a subscription to him behind bars.

Jorge Niebla, who is serving 13 life sentences for kidnapping and armed robbery, filed the two-page suit in handwritten block letters to Manhattan Federal Court.

“[I] would like to purchase the magazine … but staff are being predjudice and don’t have respect for my basic rights,” Niebla wrote in the bizarre filing.

Penthouse couldn’t be reached for comment.

A judge last week ordered Niebla to fill out a form to get a waiver of the $350 filing fee.