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Certainly Teachers Are Underpaid, But …

thief%20coat%20elementary%20school%20sneaky.gif Oregon elementary school teacher Elizabeth Lucinda Logan picked the wrong way to supplement her income. She stole a student’s coat and sold it on eBay! As reported in the Hillsboro Argus, Judge Marco Hernandez called her behavior “bizarre.”

He said it didn’t make sense that someone of her intelligence would testify she immediately tried to get the coat back from the online auction site when she found out the coat might belong to a third-grade girl.

“As if it was lost in cyberspace somewhere,” Hernandez said. “A teacher with a master’s degree and 20 year’s experience doesn’t do that. She says ‘let’s go find the owner now and return it.’

“Your concern wasn’t to return the coat to the correct owner, but to protect your record on eBay.”

So a jury found her guilty. The sentence?

Judge Marco Hernandez ordered Elizabeth Lucinda Logan, 42, to perform 150 hours of community service over the next six months and serve 18 months of probation. She must also pay a little over $1,300 in court costs, fines and restitution. She is not to use online auctions during the probation period.

No eBay? That is cold. But wait! Logan’s lawyer may request a new trial based on jury misconduct. Really.

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