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Can You Run Yourself Over?

ouch%20sign.gif It takes some doing but, yes, you can. A 63-year-old Floridian named Mary Davis found this out the hard way. She was pissed off when the police, who came to her house in response to a domestic dispute, arrested her son. As reported by the Florida Times-Union:

… [Ms.] Davis, attempted to leave in her car, according Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson. When Davis put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to leave, a deputy standing in the open driver’s door of the van had to jump out of the way, Dobson said. Davis instead backed into a riding lawnmower, fell from the vehicle and was run over. The van then rammed into a Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Not to worry, though. Her injuries “weren’t life-threatening.”

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