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Can A Lady Just Mail A Letter Without Being Harassed?

On several occasions, I have put an envelope in my bike bag and arrived home, having forgotten to stop by the mailbox. Never, though, have I stopped by the mailbox, having forgotten to put on my clothes. Florida resident Marilyn Incigeri made that trip to the mailbox … As reported by tbo.com:

A Brooksville woman was arrested Tuesday after she walked to her mailbox topless.

Neighbors’ complaints brought a deputy to 834 Easy Street around noon, where he said he saw Marilyn Incigeri standing on the back porch of her house in the nude.


When Incigeri, 46, spotted the cruiser she retreated back into her house and emerged wearing blue jean shorts and a white halter top. She was placed into custody while a deputy interviewed four neighbors.

Naked lady? I didn’t see any naked lady?

[Neighbors] told the deputy Incigeri walked to her mailbox wearing only a pair of shorts. There had been an argument between them and the suspect earlier, according to a report.

Incigeri, who reportedly showed signs of intoxication, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure.

I feel safer.