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Busted For The Stickers On His Car?


You betcha. A 20-year-old construction worker named Cory Bishop got a ticket for having “indecent” stickers on his car. Where are things apparently going so well that they have time to write tickets for such a harmless “offense?” Harrisonville, Kansas. Per the Kansas City Pitch, here’s what the stickers said:

Imports are like tampons. Every pussy has one.

Spark plugs are for Pussies.

Stroke this Bitch.(with an illustration)

Bishop fought the ticket and … lost. But …

… the prosecuting attorney eventually threw out the charge against Bishop…

That’s not it, though.

On September 5, the ACLU’s new chief counsel and legal director, Doug Bonney, fired off a letter to Harrisonville Mayor Kevin Wood questioning the ordinance. He cited case law that upholds citizens’ right to display language that others deem “vulgar.” He suggested the city at least amend the measure. “The current ordinance’s ban on display of ‘indecent’ signs on private property is unconstitutional and cannot stand,” Bonney wrote. “We would like to work with the City to resolve this problem.”

Here’s betting that law won’t be on the books very long. Click here for the source.

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