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Best Notice of Appeal – Ever

court%20record%20paper%20document%20file.gifWhile Mr. Swinyer was in jail, [former] correctional officer Cole admitted that he assaulted Mr. Swinyer by grabbing him around the throat and shoving him against the wall in response to – what else – a “donut” comment (really). Mr. Swinyer filed suit and litigated the case himself. The docket contains over 100 entries. In the end, more than 2 years after the case began, Judge Leighton held that the injury was de minimus and dismissed the case. (Here’s the Court’s decision.)

Understandably, Mr. Swinyer did not take the news well. Here is the Notice of Appeal he filed:

I hereby am informing you that I am appealing the asshole Ronald B. Leighton’s decision in this matter.

You have been hereby served Notice. You’re not getting away with this shit that easy.

Signed this 10th day of July 2006. George C. Swinyer, Jr. Click here to view Mr. Swinyer’s Notice of Appeal.

This was not well-received. The Court rejected the Notice of Appeal, stating that it was “not taken in good faith.” (Read it here.) Soon thereafter, the case was closed.

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