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Belly Dancer Offers Unusual Defense To A Parking Ticket


As you’ll see, this defense is not available to everyone… As reported by The Times:

The driver was a belly dancer who had stopped in her car in a restricted parking zone in London. She had left her vehicle stationary with the engine running, and walked off with some props into the building where she was to perform. She was issued with a [ticket] …

On what grounds did she contest the ticket?

She explained that her conduct was necessary because in her car she had snakes that she was about to use in her “exotic dance routine”. She needed to leave the engine running, she explained, in order to keep her reptiles warm to stop them from falling asleep. If they fell asleep they would, the appeal was told, be difficult to rouse quickly enough for their impending stage performance with the dancer.

Could you say no to a belly dancer with that defense? I didn’t think so. Neither could the court. “Her appeal succeeded and the fine was cancelled.”

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