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As Sisters Go, You Could Do A Lot Better


If this is how she treats her sister, The Juice can only wonder how she treats her friends, let alone her enemies … As reported by The Northwest Florida Daily News:

The 15-year-old shared a bedroom with her sister for the last three years, according to the [Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office] report. The sister said she had $2,000 stashed in a hiding place in their room and that the 15-year-old had stolen it.

Do you get the feeling this is not going to end well?

During the argument, the sister admitted that she stole the money and said she had spent it on an Ipod touch and some other items, according to the report.


The 15-year-old pushed and slapped her sister during the argument. When the sister pushed her back, the 15-year-old went into the kitchen, grabbed a fork and stabbed her sister in the right side with it, according to the report.

Ouch. While it sounds bad, although it wasn’t a spoon, it could’ve been a knife! With such strong criminal lawyer instincts, clearly The Juice should not be spending his time as a personal injury lawyer.The charges?

The 15-year-old is charged with misdemeanor battery and felony theft of more than $300, according to the report.

Think their family meals will be fun?