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An Interesting Way To Stock Your Resale Store?


Let’s say you have a resale store, and you want some “new” merchandise at a good price. What to do? Steal it! That’s what Celia Arocho of Berwyn, Illinois has been charged with, per The Chicago Tribune.

Arocho, 52, stands charged with several crimes following her arrest last Saturday in Riverside. Police pulled over the vehicle she was driving because it matched the description of a green SUV which had earlier struck a parked car. Weitzel said they found open containers of alcohol inside the SUV and arrested Arocho on drunken driving charges.


Then officers found two chairs and a plant in her vehicle. They later searched her business, at 7022 16th St., and her Cicero home and found numerous stolen items that she intended to resell at the store, which has been open about two months, Weitzel said.

“She didn’t break into homes,” said Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel. The accusation is that “she just took items off porches and from yards and offered them for resale at her business.”

Talk about low overhead.

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