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You Won’t Believe The “Weapon” This Woman Used In This Robbery

A crowbar? Really? The Juice wouldn’t waste your valuable time on such an ordinary crime. Maybe a stapler, a tape measure, or a soda can? Nope. You would never, never, ever guess this woman’s weapon of choice. As reported at The mother entered the store at 4.25pm and asked…


Some People Think Walmart Sucks. Some People Suck At Walmart.

It’s unclear if this guy is a member of the first group of folks. He’s definitely someone who sucks at Walmart. As reported by The Independent Tribune (Concord, North Carolina): Michael Anthony Brown, of 207 Lincoln St. SW, Concord, was arrested and charged with assault on a female in March…


Think This Would Be Legal In The US? In Most Western Countries?

Different strokes, right? But you have just have to wonder how someone could think that  this (1) is okay morally (2) looks cool, and (3) will not send you straight to hell. As reported at Yummypets revolts against this new fashion jewelry in China: live animals in a plastic sealed…