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Not Your Average Armed Robbery


This guy must have had some seriously sore feet. As reported by the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

The allure of foot relief may have been too much for a thief who held off a Wal-Mart guard with a pen knife as he fled with a stolen tube of foot cream, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday.

The man entered the store at 10:10 a.m., grabbed a $9 tube of foot cream and hid it on his person, a sheriff’s report said.

As he left the store, a guard tried to stop him. The thief brandished a pen knife and threatened to cut the guard if he didn’t keep away.

The thief got into a powder blue, mid-1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlo with another man at the wheel and fled.

At least he got the relief he sought. (The men are still at large.) Are times really that tough, that someone has to steal a $9 item to treat a medical condition?

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