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A Serious Domestic Dispute


All couples have disagreements. Fortunately, most folks don’t handle them the way this Sioux Falls, South Dakota couple did. Here’s what went down, as reported by The Argus Leader (per the police):

Edward Martin Lopez Jr. and Russett Lynn Cantrell, both 27, began to argue at their home … early Sunday morning.

Mr. Lopez struck Ms. Cantrell.

Ms. Cantrell then chased Mr. Lopez around the house, throwing things at him.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Lopez left.

Mr. Lopez returned, and allegedly tried to hit Ms. Cantrell with the car.

In response, Ms. Cantrell then grabbed a rake and swung it at the car, then continued to swing it at Mr. Lopez as he got out of the vehicle brandishing the painter’s pole.

What about the knife?

A witness called police after Cantrell went into the house for a knife then came after Lopez with it …allegedly stabbing at the car as he drove away again.

So the police came. After all that, guess who wanted to press charges? Neither of them! To no avail, though.

Lopez was pulled over near the house and charged with aggravated assault and DUI. Cantrell was charged with aggravated assault.

HT: Juice fan who [understandably!] wishes to remain anonymous.