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A Man Who Is Quite Serious About His Weed


So this 52-year-old dude was growing pot in the loft of a house he owned with a 59-year-old woman. She dropped by the house to tell him to kill the weed. An argument ensued, after which she tried to tear down the wall that partitioned off the weed room. Uh oh. The dude [the couple is not identified “for legal reasons” per the Bundaberg NewsMail] went ballistic.

The woman testified that he grabbed her from behind and “… picked her up and dangled her over the loft’s staircase before throwing her down the stairs.”

“All of a sudden my body was looking down (from the top of the stairs). I was terrified,” the woman told court. “He smashed my body with full force down the stairs. There was nothing I could do.”

Then he took her to the hospital, right? Not even close.

While outside she was allegedly punched several times and made to wait for hours before the man carried her by wheelbarrow to his car. The man then allegedly drove her to the Bundaberg Courthouse and made her wait in the car before taking her to the hospital.

You’ll never guess what he was doing at the courthouse. He was filing for a domestic violence order! She required immediate surgery for a fractured femur, after which she spent 8 days in the hospital, and a month in a wheelchair. The case is now in trial.

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