Legal Juice


These Gents Definitely Picked The Wrong Woman To Mess With!

Sometimes looks can deceive. This is one of those times! As reported at Strawweight fighter Monique Bastos was on the way for her jiu-jitsu training with two friends in Acailandia, Brazil, on Tuesday night, when two men attacked her. They wanted their phones, but they had no idea Bastos…


Four Months In Jail For Possession Of … Salt?

Yes, you’re right. It wasn’t just any old salt. It was Epsom salt! As reported by The Fraser Coast Chronicle: A Maryborough man charged with “ice” possession spent four months in prison waiting for forensic analysis of the substance – but was later released when testing determined it was not…


Vandal Caught When Workers Followed A Trail Of, Well, Not Breadcrumbs!

Okay so it is vandalism, but it barely register’s on the Vandalometer.  How was he caught? The way many “criminals” are caught, of course – by following the trail of penises! As reported by A 31-year old man from Aalborg was convicted for a fairly bizarre act of vandalism…