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Proposed Law Sure To Garner Attention … But That’s Not Always A Good Thing

Does anyone really believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity? Check out this proposed Missouri law, as reported at Courtney Allen Curtis, (D) District 73, introduced a bill to the Missouri House of Representatives that would make the high five the official state greeting. Yes, that’s right, an…


Can’t Stand The Thought Of Living Without Your Purebred Miniature Vietnamese Potbellied Pig?

You’ve never been a dog or cat person. No, you have always been drawn to purebred miniature Vietnamese potbellied pigs. But folks in so many places just don’t understand. Well, in Atlantic Beach, Florida, you’ll fit right in. Check out this portion of the municipal code on animals: Sec. 4-7.…


Note To Cross-Dressers: Drive Right Through Newcastle, Wyoming

It’s a big country. And if you live in or near a major metropolitan area, you may forget about places like Newcastle, Wyoming. Now the folks there may be very nice, but if this is any indication, they’re not very open-minded. Check out this law: Sec. 17-14. – Obscenity—Public appearance…


Not The Most Enlightened Sex Education Program

The source for today’s Juice? A petition that came The Juice’s way. No doubt this law will end homosexuality in Alabama… Clearly a class adhering to the requirements of this law cannot be called sex “education.” The law is Section 16-40A-2 of the Alabama Code: MINIMUM CONTENTS TO BE…


Outlaw Polygamy? Of Course! But Outlawing Even Teaching About It?

There’s no shortage of laws out there that need updating. This Mississippi law, which not only outlaws polygamy, but outlaws even teaching about it, is ripe for tweaking. SEC. 97-29-43. Polygamy; teaching of. If any person shall teach another the doctrines, principles, or tenets, or any of them, of polygamy;…


Good Luck Enforcing This Massachusetts Law

The chances that authorities would try to enforce this Massachusetts law? Squadoosh! Section 36A. Whoever, having arrived at the age of sixteen years, directs any profane, obscene or impure language or slanderous statement at a participant or an official in a sporting event, shall be punished by a fine of…