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Vandal Caught When Workers Followed A Trail Of, Well, Not Breadcrumbs!

Okay so it is vandalism, but it barely register’s on the Vandalometer.  How was he caught? The way many “criminals” are caught, of course – by following the trail of penises! As reported by A 31-year old man from Aalborg was convicted for a fairly bizarre act of vandalism…


Who Knew That “Researching The UN” Is A Euphemism For Flashing?

Sir, your library card! Now! [Shredder sound in the background.] As reported by The Plymouth Herald: Officers were called to the on campus library around 12pm after a 41-year-old man had reportedly exposed himself to a female library user. A police spokesperson said: “Police received reports a male had indecently…


Friends Don’t Let Friends … Let Their Kid Drive When They Are Drunk!

Clearly this gentleman is not a regular Juice reader, or he may not have tried this stunt. (The Juice has posted stories similar to this.)  Sure, being drunk impairs your judgment, but to this degree? As reported by Albany Times Union: Town police said a Saratoga Springs man had his…


This Will Spice Up Your Road Trip

Driving on the interstate can get pretty boring. Not this day. As reported by A Massachusetts woman was arrested Friday evening after she allegedly “mooned” several drivers on Interstate 93. Bow police Sgt. William Graham was driving a marked police cruiser northbound on the interstate at approximately 7:35 p.m.,…