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As You Brag, So Shall You …

policeman%20cartoon%20drawing%20picture.png … reap. A saying that will no doubt be heeded (even though I just made it up) by Jane Kodros, who was substitute teaching at Alton High School in St. Louis, Missouri when the brag bug bit. What did she brag about? Per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

… having an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

In a further display of good judgment,

Kodros also allegedly made an obscene gesture with her middle finger and used derogatory words when she taught on Monday…

Guess what happened when she returned to teach at the school a few days later? The ball and chain, in second period. What landed Kodros in the soup?

…failing to appear at a court hearing related to a derelict vehicle in Alton.

Whatever that is. I’m sure the police are also looking into how she got to school because …

her drivers license was suspended due to a drunken driving conviction.

Doh! Here’s the source.

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